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What can you look forward to on the tour?

Beer and Belly experts


Toni On! New York and the Curator of Beer will send you and your tastebuds off on the perfect getaway with one of their Beer & Belly Tours.  

You want to tag along the Toni On! crew for a full day of filling your BELLY with great BEER and amazing food? We've got the brew expert - the curator of beer-- who will teach you everything you need to know about what goes into this amazing craft scene from how the breweries got their start to how to tell the styles apart....yes, the stops may be the main attraction but the bus rides in between - help yourself from the keg on board and get all the 411 you need to become a brewery expert.

Toni will be taping a special episode and will want all your lovely mugs on camera (unless you prefer not to).  Any way you look at it,  its going to be a BLAST!!

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Sloop Brewing Co

Sloop Brewing, New York Craft Beer, Joe Turco, Sean McCain, Toni On! New York, Toni Senecal, beer

Come eat, drink and be merry with Adam and Justin at one of their TWO amazing breweries. 

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Hudson Valley Brewery


See if your tastebuds can handle the sour, sweet and hoppy goodness at Hudson Valley Brewery.

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Peekskill Brewery

Peekskill Brewery, curator of beer, sean mccain, craft beer, westchester ny, peekskill

Start the day with a beer and  breakfast buffet to provide the foundation for a fun filled day!

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Plan Bee Farm Brewery


Life on the Farm is better with Evan and Emily, add their beer and the day will just get even better!

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Mill House Brewery

millhouse brewery, poughkeepsie, craft beer, curator of beer, sean mccain, toni on!

The only more delicious then the sausage feast here is all that gosh darn awesome beer!  

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